To assure that we would always have fun at work, and to help our businesses operate more efficiently, we established a set of operational policies very early on. These House Rules appear on our menu under the heading: “Stuff You Really Need to Know.” We have found that people who are offended by them tend to be the high-maintenance, self-absorbed idiots we prefer did not patronize our establishment. That’s why we refer to these rules as an “Idiot Barometer.” They have helped us keep The Vortex an official “Idiot-Free Zone” since 1992. Our loyal patrons have always loved the no-nonsense approach to customer service that these policies represent, and that’s why we have the best clientele of any bar in Atlanta.

In an attempt to reduce or eliminate the continual theft of these pages out of our menu covers, we are providing them to you here, for free. Just print them yourself instead of falling into a life of crime.

CLICK HERE to view or print "Stuff You Really Need to Know" from The Vortex Food Menu.
(actual size: 8-1/2” X 14”)